Top CMOs Effectively Drive Growth Through Positive Force

The word Force has several meanings. And this is of great use for Top CMOs

For some, that word evokes negative feelings and concepts.

For diehard George Lucas fans, that same word has another meaning altogether. 

“May the Force be with you.”

Top CMOs Use Force
Top CMOs Use Force

My Selected Definition of Force

“If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.” Voltaire

To properly converse on the subject of force, let us define our terms so that we can move forward with a sound agreement on how I will use that word throughout my post.

The following definitions of force are taken from the Random House Dictionary:

Noun – Power to influence, affect, or control; efficacious power.  

Verb – To bring about or effect by force.

Our Desire To Influence, Affect & Control

Most everyone in business has a desire to influence and affect an audience. 

Anyone in business must use influence to attract attention and drive sales. Brands leverage storytelling, content marketing, and PR to positively affect the emotions and loyalties of their customers and investors. 

Moreover, most people want to be in control of their business, operational systems, growth, and profitability. 

To succeed as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) one must possess “efficacious power” to accomplish such marketing and sales goals. Top CMOs cannot help his or her company to build influence in the marketplace, then he or she will not drive growth. 

My Advice to Top CMOs

Motivation and inspiration last only so long. To sustain lasting and meaningful success requires the proper and ethical use of force to drive business growth. 

Attention to details, seeing to it that daily routines are followed and improved, as well as giving your team proper training and skill-sets, require the proper and ethical use of force. 

Good Force Commands Respect for Top CMOs

In military operations, sports, entertainment, and in many other endeavors in life we respect the use of force.

One cannot win over adoring fans, battles, national championships, gold medals, and new clientele without the proper and ethical use of force.

In business, we use force through:

  • Positive Attitudes
  • Clear and concise directions
  • Leaders setting a good example
  • Good communication
  • Directness and honesty 
  • Organization and proven systems 
  • Mentoring and training 
  • Sharing knowledge and insights 
  • Holding high standards
  • Expectations that those standards are followed
  • Adherence to codes of conduct
  • Inspiring and helpful content

To win as a CMO, you must become adept and comfortable with the proper and ethical use of force so as to drive growth for the brand you serve.