LinkedIn Growth Hacking Tips Made Simple


Simple Growth Hacks With LinkedIn

Connect with me on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not get as much love in the social media world as platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but there’s still no better way to get in front of business decision-makers than LinkedIn.

If you’re a marketer, salesperson or another type of professional who wants to connect with executives and other brand leaders who have the ability to actually write you a check, LinkedIn is where you want to be.

However, an empty LinkedIn profile won’t do anything to attract these decision-makers to you. You need hacks that expand your reach on LinkedIn and turn it into a lead generation tool. 79% of marketers use the network as a great source of leads.

What’s more, HubSpot learned that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn growth hack #1. Connect with the right audience

The keyword here is ‘right.’ Connecting with your target leads helps you put your product in front of the people who are actually interested in it. In your Sales Navigator (available through the upgraded LinkedIn version), go the advanced search bar, and click on Search for leads.

LinkedIn growth hack #2: Engage with your audience

Engagement on LinkedIn is synonymous with commenting on other people’s posts. It’s easy to assume that liking and leaving comments like ‘nice,’ ‘great post’ will help you gain exposure. But you are dead wrong if you’ve made such an assumption.

LinkedIn growth hack #3: share valuable content

The last cog in the LI sales prospecting tool machine revolves around sharing relevant content. 94% of B2B marketers use the platform as a content distribution channel. That’s because LinkedIn helps drive over half of the traffic to B2B blogs and sites.

Create content directly on LinkedIn.

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s algorithm favors native content. So instead of just sharing a link to your YouTube videos or website blog, upload some of your content directly to LinkedIn. Publishing an article on LinkedIn, for example, ties back into adding rich media content to your profile, while also increasing the odds that you can stay on your contacts’ radar.
If you’re looking for content inspiration, browse the trending news stories on the platform. Doing so may give you an idea, even if it’s just for a quick reaction video that you upload natively to LinkedIn. Use a few hashtags when sharing this type of content, and if you’re lucky, you may even get a LinkedIn editor to add your content to the platform’s trending news feed.

Following these tactics can help you organically get more out of LinkedIn, rather than running up against a brick wall trying to cold pitch prospects you have no real connection with. You can increase your odds of forming organic connections through tactics like optimizing keywords and sharing content natively, and taking a little bit more time to form stronger relationships initially can pay off significantly more in the long run.