Let me share with you how brands are using podcasts.

Podcasts are an incredible opportunity to gain publicity, to have other people interview you, and to feature you as an expert.

Podcasts enable you to feature your authority, where you can talk about why you wrote the book, share the story behind your brand, or detail the tactics that you’re using.

Podcasts offer an insider’s look.

You’re not necessarily selling people with these podcast interviews, you’re informing them. You’re giving them the backstory. This type of content is what builds authority, because it isn’t you saying you’re awesome. The podcaster is the one shining the light upon you. 

Publicity is when somebody else interviewing you and putting you in the spotlight via their podcasts.

Landing a guest podcast interview is a top strategy to gain broad exposure for your brand, as well as position you as an industry leader.

Guest podcasting is a publicity activity which allows you to directly speak and inspire your target audiences via the reach of popular content creators. Additionally, exposure as a guest speaker on a podcast drives traffic to your own website, blog, or personal podcast.

This gives you a massive advantage over brands which have failed to embrace the digital era. Those who continually create content, such as podcasts and videos, rise above the noise of being perceived as a “me too” brand.

Moreover podcasts provide for you the important content to post on your own social media channels and to add to your own blog. This is how brands are using podcasts to give them the content to share on social media. In turn, these give you “social proof.”

Branded Podcast Statistics & How Brand Are Using Podcasts 

Podcast Statistics (Source: Editor’s Choice):

  • 197 million Americans have heard about podcasts.
  • 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month.
  • There were 750,000 active podcasts in 2019.
  • On average, 45% of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000.
  • 2 million podcasts are registered by Google.
  • 54% of podcast consumers say they think about buying advertised products.
  • Businesses spent $497 million on podcast advertising in 2018.
  • Brands that advertise their products and services on business podcasts enjoy an average 14% rise in purchase intent.

As a Virtual CMO, I help my client move into the digital era effectively by creating preeminent content, and then ensuring that this content is broadly distributed through multiple channels.

How would you like to be on a podcast, whether it’s reaching 50 people, 500 people or 5,000 people, that the average household that’s listening to your podcast, half of those consumers about, are making it a quarter million dollars?

Now, one of the things that we do, my partner and I, is we have now scheduled numbers of authors and business leaders for podcasts. John Truman Wolfe, a well-known author, was booked on over 20 podcasts within three months with our help. We were literally scheduling him on one to two podcasts every single week, where he was talking about his newsletter, his information, his knowledge about cryptocurrency, his recent books on the subject has knowledge about investing in gold. He was being interviewed from people from all over the world.

Myself, I’ve been on over 30 podcasts. Just in the last month, I’ve been on about four of them. We’re ramping up my podcast scheduling, as well as what I’m doing here on Growth Driven, where I will be interviewing people on my video and then uploading the audio section and sending it out across about 20 different podcasts, which is another way that you could generate publicity.

There you are, driving eyeballs, driving ear balls, for lack of a better word, driving an audience. Of course, what are you talking about? You’re talking about your skills, you’re talking about your knowledge, and the more you can feature your skills and knowledge, the more people see you as an authority.

We would schedule the podcast for you on the appropriate show. If you’re someone that’s a motorcycle fiend like me, there’s podcasts that people talk about motorcycles. If you’re a wine aficionado, there’s wine podcasts. If you’re talking about reaching CEOs, there’s business type podcasts.

There’s podcasts about every single subject.

Podcasts are a strategic way to get out there and build the authority, but you’re also leveraging the social media and email channels of other leaders.

This is because they are taking the content where they interviewed you and they’re not only just giving it to you to share on social media, they’re sharing it to their own thousands or tens of thousands of audiences.

That gives you a massive opportunity to reach audiences that you would have never reached on your own.

How Brands Are Using Podcasts To Help Their SEO

How Brands Are Using Podcasts

Moreover, from an SEO perspective, you can mention the link to your website during your podcast. They put a link in their blog, or their podcast, that link builds your SEO authority.

Many SEO experts have cited that one of the way to build backlinks to your website is to go out there and be interviewed by bloggers and podcasters. These content creators now feature the content they’ve created for you, and it gives you a backlink right back to your website. This then improves your overall SEO and rankings for your website.

From Google’s algorithms, in terms of your SEO, in terms of reaching audiences through your social channels, and the social channels of others, as well as highlighting your knowledge, highlighting your authority – getting on podcasts is an incredible way to gain publicity, recognition, as well as building authority n the eyes of others.

If this is something that’s of interest to you, reach out to me. Obviously you can go on Google and try to figure it out yourself, and see how you can get scheduled.

Have someone like myself, who knows how to reach these podcasters, knows how to put together your one sheet, knows how to promote you, knows how to go out there and beat the bush, and publicize you in a favorable light, and thus get you booked.

If you have any questions about podcasts or getting onto shows, such as mine, reach out to me.